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Free milk is running like water in Denmark! (and a link to some secret pictures, shh)…


Sounds weird and unrealistic? Well some days ago I had this really strange and long discussion with my colleagues about our perceptions of people from other nationalities. Among them were that the majority of the American population are stupid (sorry, no names will be mentioned here; also there might have been some misunderstandings); that someone working with mentally ill people will eventually become mentally ill him-/herself and not least these guys had been taught in school that we Danes had an abundance of milk that we would drink just as water and not least for free 🙂 Maybe we have a few (failed) agricultural projects and Danish dairy (or diarrhea if you have South Sudanese humour) cooperatives from the 60s to blame for this myth. But a funny one it is. And of course all Scandinavians are always very friendly – except from the mentally ill Swedish lady-psychologist!

Generally it was really weird having this discussion because I as an anthropologist or at least as someone with a great love of most of the African continent, and thus the people who inhabit it, have often found myself in situations where I felt like I had to defend the people of less developed countries (not to generalise but I have to be broad as I’ve been in quite a few countries around the world by now) ways of doing things as rational in terms of for instance the specific cultural traditions and livelihood circumstances, compared to the ‘Western’ ways of thinking and doing things. But of course I see irrational and ignorant people all over the world including where I come from, and indeed my South Sudanese colleague had met a few of these in the US!

Anyways this was just a small chatter from me and mainly to tell you that I finally managed to upload a few photos, YAY – they are of a really low quality, but perhaps they can give you an idea of where I am! Check them out here 🙂


Today’s Fun Fact:

– 3/4 of the South Sudanese population have their birthday on January 1st.


Also if you have ten minutes to spare check out this YouTube clip showing the (utopian?) dream of building a free and fair democracy in the World’s Newest nation – it is somewhat ironic and far far far far far away from people’s current realities.


One love!
Maja Sky Papaya


Back to life – revival of my blog before South Sudan…


First, a WARNING:
For old readers – I’m going to try this blogging-thang in English from now on.
For new readers – in spite of being academic by education I try to keep my blog to a familiar level and am pretty much writing as I talk and sharing my immediate experiences instead of analysing and going all-in anthropology/human security on it – it’s easier and more fun for both you and me, I have plenty of academia to write 🙂

South Sudan, new Flag

South Sudan, new Flag

As most of you probably know by now, it is about time for me to pack up my gear and go to see the mighty world awaiting me for far too long by now. I’m once again going to Africa, which according to my favorite nephew this evening became a tiny town in little Denmark – of course he knows that it’s really a ‘country’ far far away – ehem… We’ll talk about that the next time we’re mapping the places in which he knows people… Anyways, for now I’m still in Denmark; just moved in with my lovely sister for a couple of weeks, where I’m newly employed as a house elf (more privileged than Dobby that is) – aka cleaning assistant, cook, babysitter, dishwasher, laundry lady, loafer… But I’ve seriously been in Denmark too long (no comments) and luckily my studies once again give me the opportunity to leave this place (want to say shithole but that’s not entirely true) and enter the WORLD again.

To be exact I’m on my way to South Sudan, where I landed an internship with DanChurchAid (Danish NGO). I’ll be working 45 hours a week and finally going to grapple with being a real grownup. WUHUU! I mean that… Even if an old lady in an elevator yesterday told me that “…then you’re going to get eaten… They’ll put you into a big pot and boil you first!” Right!

I’m going to stay in Juba, the capital of South Sudan; the world’s newest capital inhabited by less than half a million people and with status as one of the most expensive cities on the planet – 2nd in Africa after Luanda (Angola). A rather weird fact for a capital city in a country with less than 200 km’s of paved road, WUP. The first time I went to South Sudan was in 2009 before the independence from Sudan (2011), where I lived in a mud hut and probably (hopefully after 4 years at uni) was a bit more ignorant than now, peed in a whole in the ground and had horny, screaming goats breaking into my room to eat my bananas. That was the time I figured out that the African continent is my second home (I travelled to other African countries as well and last year went to Ghana with the same feeling). Already in 2009 I also decided that I wanted to go back to South Sudan – someone actually promised me to raise me a she-goat for when I got back 🙂 And now I am – f.ck yeah! Even though it’s just for 4 months, since I have to get back and finish my Master’s, it is a dream come true and one, which I never imagined would be fulfilled already – so maybe my she-goat is not there waiting for me yet, but what the hell is a vegetarian gonna do with a she-goat anyways….

I can’t say that much else about what I’m going to do yet, but keep following the blog (you can even sign up for notifications) and I’ll try to keep you updated with news of me and my awesome, incredible, boring, dangerous, challenging and I don’t know what else experiences. And probably I’ll add a little news of South Sudan, which to me is currently one of the craziest, most exiting places in the world. But for now this was just an update on my very near future and a – keep in touch and follow along notice…

Peace out – happy days!

XoXo Maja Sky Papaya

My Sudanese mom and me year 2009

My Sudanese mom and me year 2009