Jeg er blot en pige, der lever i og elsker verden, alle dens ægte mennesker, finurligheder, kærligheden og freden! 

Min blog indeholder tilfældige historier om mig og de mennesker, steder, dyr, jordiske elementer og energier, der omgiver mig! Ikke noget fancy, bare et lille glimt af hverdagen skrevet i en hverdagsagtig tone som altid.

Skriv endelig kommentarer, forespørgsler, kritik, hvad end du har lyst til. 

Sharing is caring! 

Møs og One Love ❤ Maja Sky Papaya



I’m just a girl, living and loving the world, the real people in it, the crazyness, the love and the peace!

My blog contains random stories about me and the people, places, animals, natural elements and energies surrounding me! Nothing fancy, just a little glimpse of everyday life.

Do comment, request, criticize, whatever you feel like.

Sharing is caring!

XoXo ❤ Maja Sky Papaya


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  1. Hello, do you still see posts from this blog? I was wondering if I could ask a question about Juba? I would appreciate it! thanks!

    • Hey Samantha, yeah I’m still active just not travelling at the moment. I left Juba just when things went crazy in December and haven’t been back since, so it probably depends on what you want to know 🙂 ?

  2. Awesome, thanks! I am looking to go to Juba for about a year, and am having a hard time finding reasonable accommodations. Do you know of any places that have a cheaper rent?

    • Ah well that’s a fairly easy answer as I don’t know :/ I lived at a compound managed by the NGO I worked with, so didn’t have to find accommodation myself. There is definitely opportunities, but they’re probably not really cheap – it is Juba after all, which is extremely expensive when it comes to rent (and shopping in supermarkets)!

  3. Yes, that is what I was afraid of. Does the compound allow for people to stay that are not working with them? Probably not, but worth a shot… hahaha.. Also, I can’t find prices anywhere, could you give a few examples on prices for food, transportation, etc? I REALLY appreciate your help! I had no idea Juba was so expensive

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